Ripen at room temperature, faster in a paper bag, slower in refrigerator. Mature pears can hold in the coldest part of refrigerator about 2 months before slowly ripening. All pears are hand-picked as they bruise easily. Handle pears with care. Thumb Test for indicating ripeness: apply gentle thumb pressure on neck of pear to check for slight give. Not a fan of soft, grainy texture of ripe pears? Eat them more green when have a crunchier texture similar to an apple.

  • Bartlett: At harvest, they are bright green and change color off the tree to yellow as ripen/soften. Carries a true pyriform “pear shape,” a rounded bell on the bottom half of the fruit, then a definitive shoulder with a smaller neck or stem end. Iconic “pear flavor.” Bartletts are crunchier/tart like an apple when green, mildly sweet at yellow-green stage, and super sweet and juicy when golden yellow. Mature in July/August in the Delta. Range in size from small (2 ¼” dia) to jumbo (3 1/2”+ dia). Our farm tends to produce more jumbo size pears. Recommended for canning, dried, in salads, fresh use, and with cheese. Pears can be substituted in any recipes calling for apples.
  • Red Bartlett: Carries True pyriform “pear shape,” a rounded bell on bottom half of fruit, then a definitive shoulder with a smaller neck or stem end. Similar in flavor to Bartlett except for red skin, which can add color appeal in dish presentation. Changes color as ripens from a dark red to a bright red. Red Bartletts are crunchier/tart like an apple when mature, and super sweet and juicy when fully ripened. Mature in July in the Delta. Recommended for canning, dried, in salads, fresh use, and with cheese. Pears can be substituted in any recipes calling for apples.
  • Bosc: Unique shape of an elongated neck that widens gradually to a full rounded base in a warm rustic brown color with russeting. More honey- sweetness and juiciness occurs before its fully softened. Flesh is more dense and firm texture than Bartletts, so checking ripeness is best with the thumb test for slight give. Also, slight wrinkling at the base of the stem shows it ripeness. Recommended for baking, broiling, poaching, and fresh use. Retains shape and texture better.
  • Taylor Gold: Short to no neck on top of a round body. Medium to large size with smooth, cinnamon- colored skin often with russeting. Delicate aroma with a rich, sweet flavor. Creamy white flesh is juicy and smooth texture. Recommended for pies, sauces, baking, sliced in salad, with cheese, fresh use.
  • Red Adjou: Greatest appeal is it showy color. Generally dark maroon with sometimes lighter streaks of color and egg shaped. Takes longer to ripen and can be indicated with the thumb test of yielding slightly. Mild, sweet flavor with very smooth texture and abundant juices when ripe. Stores well. Recommended for baking, pureeing for sauces and beverages, in salads, grilling, poaching, roasting, and fresh use.
  • Comice: Wide range of sizes including jumbo, but has a short neck on top of a round body. Mostly green- yellow with red blush. Among the sweetest and juiciest of pears. Flesh is a creamy texture with a fragile skin that easily bruises. When thumb test gives slightly, pear is ripe. Recommended with soft ripening cheeses and fresh use.
  • Seckel: Smallest of the pears, but is packed full of sweetness and hailed “sugar pears”. Very round body with small neck and short stem with an olive green color and often a dark maroon blush. Aromatic, sweet, spicy, full of flavor. Recommended for snack-sized fresh eating, canning whole, plate garnish.
  • Super Red: Large size, bright white flesh with dark red skin. Great flavor.

Mexican Avocados

Smaller black, smooth skin variety with a papery covered pit. The pale green flesh is buttery and rich in flavor. Each avocado is hand/pole picked in late August/Sept from our tree that is probably about 100 years old.


  • Arkansas Black: Yellow flesh with dark red to almost black skin. Medium sized and round. The yellow flesh is firm, fine-grained, crisp, moderately juicy, and semi-tart flavor. Stores well. Recommended for desserts, cider, cooking.
  • Fuji: Dull reddish orange striped skin, sometimes russeted. Sweet, very crisp and flavorful. Store well.
  • Gala: Reddish-orange stripes over creamy yellow skin. Medium to large size. Good blend of sweet and tart, subacid, aromatic, crisp and granular. Recommended for dessert.
  • Golden Delicious: Golden yellow skin with occasional russet patches. Large in size. Conical to round shape. Crisp, clean juicy yellow flesh, sweet and mild flavor. Bruises easily
  • Granny Smith: Dark to pale green, distinctive whitish dots and tough skin. Medium to large round size. Crisp, firm, tart acidic flavor, and juicy flesh. Stores well. Recommended for all purpose, cooking, applesauce, and apple juice.
  • Honeycrisp: Red striped over straw-colored skin. Very crisp, textured, aromatic, and sweet. Stores well. Recommended for fresh use.
  • Pink Lady: Reddish-pink blush over green-yellow skin. Medium to large. Asymmetric or oblong shape. Ribbing or bumpy skin. Dense flesh. Very crisp and firm with a sweet tart flavor. White flesh that resists browning.
  • Braeburn: Pale cream colored flesh with red striped and orange red blush over green- yellow skin. Medium to large, very crisp, juicy with rich sweet-tart flavor. Holds shape when cooked. Recommended for fresh use, in salads, with mild cheeses, desserts, sauces, cider.    

Hybrids- aprium, pluot, nectaplum

  • Spice Zee NectaPlum Interspecific: Nectarine- peach-plum hybrid. White flesh with dark maroon skin turning pale pink when ripe. Taste both nectarine and plum flavor.
  • Flavor Delight Aprium: Apricot- plum hybrid. Resemble apricot in appearance. Distinct flavor and texture. Very flavorful.
  • Sweet Treat Pluerry: Plum-cherry hybrid. Flavor combines the sweetness of cherry and zing of plum.
  • Flavorella Plumcot: Plum- apricot hybrid. Translucent golden with light red blush skin. Firm, juicy and great flavor.
  • Sprite Cherry-Plum: Cherry- plum hybrid. Freestone. Refreshing sweet flavor. Recommended for fresh use.
  • Dapple Dandy Pluot: Plum- apricot hybrid. Creamy White and red fleshed freestone. Skin is greenish-yellow with red spots turning a maroon and yellow dapple. Great plum-apricot flavor.
  • Flavor King Pluot: Plum- apricot hybrid. Crimson flesh with reddish- purple skin. Exciting sweet, spicy flavor.
  • Splash Pluot: Plum- apricot hybrid. Round to heart-shaped with orange flesh and a red-orange skin. Packs a very sweet bite in this small to medium size. Recommended for fresh use, dried, and desserts.


  • Ambrosia: Medium to large size with pale pink skin. Purple sweet-tart juice.
  • Eversweet: Red skin, Very sweet clear juice, virtually seedless fruit.


  • Babcock White: White fleshed freestone. Sweet and juicy, aromatic, low in acid.
  • Fairtime: Yellow fleshed freestone with red blush over yellow skin. Very large, firm, and full of flavor. Recommended for freezing.
  • Fortyniner: Yellow fleshed freestone with blush on skin. Large fruit. Stores well. Recommended for desserts.
  • O’Henry: Yellow fleshed freestone with red skin. Large, firm, and great flavor. Michael’s favorite. Recommended for fresh use, freezing.
  • Orange: Yellow fleshed clingstone. Large, firm, and juicy. Distinct vinous (resembling wine) flavor. Recommended for canning.
  • Rio Oso Gem: Yellow fleshed freestone. Large, sweet and rich in flavor. Recommended for fresh use, freezing.
  • Summerset: Yellow fleshed freestone with bright blush over yellow skin. Large, firm, sweet and flavorful. Recommended for canning, freezing, or fresh use.
  • Suncrest: Yellow fleshed freestone with bright red skin. Large size. Very firm and fine flavored.
  • White Lady: White fleshed freestone with red skin. Medium to large size. Very firm with low acid but high sugar content.
  • Silver Logan: White flesh with sun-fed blush on skin. Large, great flavor and melting texture. Easily bruises.
  • Pf-24-007: 
  • Goodwin: Bright yellow to yellow-gold fleshed cling. Medium size with great flavor and texture.


  • Artic Glo: White fleshed. Large, firm, sprightly sweet flavor with good balance of sugar and acid.
  • Atomic Red: White fleshed. Medium to large size. Deliciously sweet.
  • Double Delight: Yellow fleshed freestone with dark red skin. Sweet and rich in flavor.
  • Flavortop: Large, oblong with good flavor.
  • Zephyr: White fleshed with red to pinkish-red over white skin. Large, firm, sub acid with great flavor and aromas.
  • Heavenly White: White fleshed freestone with reddish blush over white. Large with great flavor.


  • Mariposa: Red fleshed with mottled maroon over green skin. Large with small pit, nearly freestone. Sweet and juicy firm. Recommended for fresh use or cooked.


  • Autumn Glo: Medium size. Full of flavor.
  • Blenheim (Royal): Golden orange fleshed freestone. Medium size, firm, sweet, aromatic, flavorful.
  • Flavor Giant: Very large size. Sweet-tart flavorful.


  • Bing: Red to nearly black when ripe. Large, firm, and juicy. Great sweet flavor.
  • Rainier: Golden yellow with red blush. Large with sweet flavor.
  • Royal Ann: Yellow. Sweet flavor. Recommended for fresh use and canning.
  • Royal Rainier: Yellow with red blush. Great flavor.