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Basically, pears can be substituted into any apple recipe.  With special allergies in our extended family, this recipe can easily be altered and still taste great.  Only need one large bowl for prepping both the pear mix and topping.  Plus, our daughter loves to help make it!


I always double the topping part as it really doesn’t cover much.  It can easily be doubled for a 9×13 pan, plus I added several more pears and fill to the top of the pan as the pears do cook down quite a bit.  I use an apple peeler/spiral cut tool to quickly peel and basic cut the pears. Then I quarter to break up the long spiral cut.  My daughter loves to use the tool.  Bets way to mix both the pear mix and topping is just to get your hands in it.  Kids love this part!



Alterations I have made have included using gluten free flour, more oats if low on flour, margarine butter, lactose free butter.  Need to travel and bake at another location?  Just make the fruit mix at home and put in covered baking dish.  Mix the dry topping ingredients and put in a large zip lock bag.  On site, add the butter to the ziplock bag and mix by massaging bag.  Add to baking pan and throw into the oven to cook.  Less work and mess at that location and more time for you to visit.

It’s a regularly requested dessert at our family functions now.  Enjoy!