In four days on July 30th, the last Sunday of July, will be the 45th Annual Pear Fair in Courtland.  

On Monday, I will be relieved.  The week before Pear Fair is always crazy and rushing trying to get everything together, while taking care of the family during pear harvest.  It is an extremely busy and stressful time of the year that last just a short two to three weeks.  While the fair is a great community celebration and a day to hopefully relax from harvest, it requires a huge amount of time and work for many of our community members.  And so I, like many others in our community, are running around crazy right now.  

I am assisting our Bates Elementary School in the making of OVER 500 pear pies.  

Gathering up supplies, shopping for ingredients, all in preparation for selling delicious pear pies at the Pear Fair to raise money for the school of many of our local farm families.   I’m use to buying bulk quantities with several bbq fundraisers, but this tops all of those.  Sorry in advance if the stores are cleaned out of some ingredients.  For example, I just bought 5 pounds of nutmeg and almost 5 pounds of cinnamon.  A small group of parents will spend half of Friday mixing approximately  85 small batches of crumble topping.  Then all day Saturday, we will be mixing roughly 80 small batches of filling, prepping the pie shells, filling, topping, baking, cooling, boxing, and then finally loading over 500 pear pies into a refrigerated truck to be sold the next day.  Even though we will be tired from all of that, we will set up our booth, and take pride in offering our wonderful pear pies and raising money for our students’ education.  It is a lot of work, but I am proud to help our school and community.

But on Monday, I will be relieved.  One more major event checked off and complete, and onto the next.  A special birthday party to finish organizing, the close of pear harvest, and then the start of school. Already?  

So, take a scenic drive to the Delta and check out the Courtland Pear.  $10 cash for parking, free admission, historic collection of the area, great live bands, kids area, arts and craft vendors, and lots of food vendors featuring pear items.  Come early when cooler and by our Bates Elementary School booth to get a delicious pear pie before we sell out.  

Afterwards, take the 5 minutes drive to our farm and pick your own Bartlett pears or enjoy some of our other prepicked fruits and fresh eggs.

Come see me at the Pear Fair Sunday!



To find out more info on the Pear Fair, check out their website.