With pear harvest starting up, we opened our Bartlett pear U-pick.  Some people come and feel disappointed/confused when they see green pears and think that they are not ready. 

They are.  

Pears are one of the few fruits that ripen off the tree.  As pears stay on the tree, they will “ripen” from the inside out. So if you see a yellow pear on a tree, you will find that the inside is rotten. 

Also, for those of you that don’t like the texture of soft pears, you can eat them green.  They have more of an apple texture at that stage.  You will find that most pear farmers eat them green right off the tree when they have matured.

What do I mean by mature?  That is the point that the fruit has reached its maturity.  It has all the sugars it will receive from the tree.  At that point, the fruit will hold and then start the decompose in order for it to eventually disperse it seed.